Indigenous Australian Inclusion

Indigenous Australian Inclusion

John Briggs Consultancy

Cultural Awareness Training

Introducing the history of Indigenous culture and inclusion, focusing on where we are today and where we are headed. Cultural Awareness Training is about a journey of discovery for many audiences and provides an opportunity to explore and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, people and communities. This is a high quality entry level option, suitable for any business model or group situation, presented in an honest manner and a safe environment. Read more >

Mentoring / Coaching

Supporting Indigenous candidates moving into employment or transitioning careers, as well as, equipping many of Australia’s largest corporations working with or potentially mentoring Indigenous employees – sometimes for the first time. Mentoring and coaching is available to clients in the government, non-government, private and corporate sectors. Read more >

Professional Conversation Workshop

Tailored workshops aimed at government, non-government, corporate and private sector organisations as an elevated step beyond traditional cultural awareness. We explore the engagement process and strategies around retention, which have been an ongoing challenge for many organisations engaging in this space. The style of workshop allows people to ask the difficult questions that may be perceived as awkward or uncomfortable in the professional environment. Read more >

Early Years Upskilling

Similar to the Professional Development Workshops, this service hones in on the inclusion targets and needs to be met by the early years sector nationally. Early Years Upskilling looks at the why, what and how for inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Participants are equipped with how to facilitate and respond to the many questions from colleagues, children and their parents about the use and display of symbolic Indigenous material. Read more >

Children's Shows

JB Consultancy has been delivering educational and entertaining Indigenous cultural shows for children in early years settings and schools for the past 25 years. The interactive style of these shows enables children to explore the richness and depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, artefacts and other instruments. We encourage the curious questions and assist children to grasp the fundamental ideas of Indigenous culture within a safe environment. Read more >

Professional Development Forums

JB Consultancy is invited to speak at professional development forums for corporate Australia, government departments and the non-government sector. Delivering in a range of settings, our forums provide participants with a unique learning opportunity and the necessary information and tools. This enables staff across all levels to critically reflect on and explore ways in which they can further develop personal practice within the professional environment. Read more >

Workshop Facilitation

Delivering high quality workshop facilitation services for over 25 years. JB Consultancy operates under an inclusive facilitation model that is non prescriptive in approach. Our aim is to focus on building cultural safety, elevating confidence through participation, providing critical information and linking workshop strategies to actions moving forward. Read more >

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